Plastic Raw Materials Supply Chain Solutions  

Consult44 Inc is a leader in the compounding & distribution of next generation plastic raw materials

Welcome To Consult44

At Consult44, we're dedicated to being an industry leading supplier of next generation plastic raw materials.

Consult44 Inc is a pioneering U.S. based company that supplies reinforced and modified grades of nylon 66 compounds. Widely known in the industry for our innovation and comprehensive polymer grade range, Consult44 is a leading nylon 66 supplier and has an ever-growing global presence.

Our customers have access to a full range of nylon 66 compounds, resins, and modified elastomers. Whether the application required is for the automotive industry, furniture, industrial needs or white goods, Consult44 has the capabilities and a world class research and development team to formulate and supply nylon 66 compounds for almost any purpose